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SSW Visa Solutions specializes in facilitating seamless immigration processes for individuals seeking employment opportunities in Japan’s diverse industries, including

  • Food Service
  • Caregiver Services
  • Agriculture

With our expertise and experience, we assist candidates in navigating the intricate visa application procedures, ensuring compliance with Japanese immigration regulations and requirements. Our dedicated team provides personalized guidance and support throughout the entire application process, from initial consultation to visa issuance.


Navigating the Recruitment Journey to Japan: A Comprehensive Guide by Gleeson Recruitment.

With Gleeson Recruitment’s comprehensive support and expertise, candidates from Sri Lanka can confidently navigate the recruitment process for Japan.

  1. Japanese Language Development and Job Matching: We matches candidates with suitable job opportunities in Japan based on their skills, qualifications, and language proficiency. Candidates are also directed to the WOW App, a free language learning platform, to start learning Japanese.

2. Interviews: Candidates undergo interviews with prospective employers in Japan. We provide support and guidance throughout the interview process.

3. Visa Application: Once a job offer is secured, we assist candidates in applying for the SSW visa, which allows them to work in Japan.

4. Relocation Support: We provide support to candidates during the relocation process, including assistance with travel arrangements and settling into their new environment in Japan.

5. Ongoing Support: Even after candidates have started their jobs in Japan, we continue to provide support and assistance as needed, ensuring a smooth transition and successful placement.